About Us

I’m Will Falconer, the proprietor of roadster.works.

For the past thirty years I’ve been selling parts for Matra sports cars all over the World.

What do Matra and Smart have in common?

Both were manufactured in France using plastic body panels and models were badged in lower case lettering! Both companies were trying very hard to innovate and I think it’s fair to say both sort of succeeded. Matra came up with the bagheera and murena 3 seat mid-engine sports cars and the early SUV Rancho but really made good with the Espace.

Smart may have made mistakes with the 450 and 452 but they are still manufacturing today.

We’re late to the roadster party and don’t intend to get in the way of the many specialists servicing roadsters.  They have the knowledge and we’ll point potential customers in the right direction where we can.

Our mission is to provide as wide a range of roadster parts as we can at sensible prices.

We do not intend to break cars but will sell used parts where new is unavailable.

We purchase parts from suppliers in Europe. 

As we are just starting out with this venture our stocks are limited, but we will be increasing range and inventory throughout 2024.